Gurrrrl, Where You Been?

I’ve always wanted to go on sabbatical, but I thought it was only something women with frizzy red hair who drink whiskey straight and smoke long slender cigarettes did. And professors. They do it too. And while I have the frizzy red hair down and I’ve been known to sip some bourbon, I don’t smoke and I just took an unintentional hiatus. Nothing as cool as a full fledged sabbatical. 

What have I been up to since last we spoke? Just completely dumping my world upside down is all. So Sober September turned into Sober 9 months, because it turns out I’m growing a monster inside me, as women of a certain age are wont to do. Needless to say my beer drinking days have been over, for now. 

I also spent a month or so purchasing a house. Then moving into that house. Our house is pretty rad, it’s big enough that my husband and I can spend time together if we want to, but we aren’t forced together and forced to resent each other like our previous living accommodations made us. It’s located in a small valley behind Hendrick’s Park in Eugene which makes it more like living in the woods than most other places in town, we even have wild turkeys in the hood. It’s close to the University where my husband works and close to Little Big Burger, where I live part time because I’m pregnant. All cynicism aside, I’m pretty happy to hang out in my new home, feel my kiddo karate chopping me in the ribs all night and drink herbal tea, but not just any herbal tea, just the pregnant lady approved kind.


My new house

Obviously, in my beer world things have slowed down a bit, but with the speed the rest of my life is moving, I’m A-ok with that. But, don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to hand this fella over to my husband and chug about 8 beers. It’ll probably be like 1.5 then I’ll pass out, but you get the idea. 

I’m not going to promise to be any better about getting my posts up in a timely fashion, but I will try. I also will be having some home brew updates soon, and with any luck by mid May I’ll be back at it.


A peek at Eugene from Hendrick’s Park. I look forward to walking my dogs and kid up here for the foreseeable future.

So cheers to growing the hell up.



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12 responses to “Gurrrrl, Where You Been?

  1. Congrats!! I look forward to hearing how the new addition is doing assisting you in the home brew (start ’em early!). That last picture is awesome!

  2. Congrats on the baby and the house! The Haybag is about to explode. She is due Feb 10…but I can’t imagine she’ll make it till then. She has been tasting about 1/4 shotglass portions here and there in the 3rd trimester, but I think she has had enough of the tiny serving BS. I wouldn’t be surprised if she smuggles some beer to the hospital.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks. I’m not due until May 13th (conveniently the week after Eugene Beer Week) and I don’t see how I could possibly get any bigger. I’m already interviewing hospitals and making our decision based off their beer policy.

      Congrats and good luck with your newest addition!

  3. Mike O.

    Congratulations! I’m a little jealous because a house and little Mikes are the next two big things in my life agenda, and I’m impatient. May your offspring be calm and easy to please so that you may return to brewing soon!

  4. Congrats! Good excuse to go sober, I reckon. I love that your priority is to birth a healthy child, then hand that child to its 50% rightful owner and commence the chugging of beers. High fives to you and the fam.

  5. Congrats on wee babby! I made a pact with my wife that I will dramatically cut back my beer consumption when/if she is with child, just because it’s not fair for me to drink when she can’t.

    You could homebrew in the meantime. A heavily hopped lager pitched today could be ready to drink right around your due date…

    • No matter what you promise, it doesn’t happen for the first few weeks. My husband started drinking for two and all my friends say its the normal first time dad panic. So don’t be hard on yourself if you find yourself drinking a beer or five every few nights…
      In terms of homebrew, we’ve got a couple car boys in the closet currently. A wit and red. We will also be getting something else going soon too. Need some celebration beer for the delivery room!

  6. Congrats! May 13 is a day of multiple b-days at LBHQ and calls for big-time drinking. Don’t let those medical people tell you newborns don’t love it when their mothers smell like beer–they totally love it.

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