Oh, Baby!

So, here I am another million months later, finally getting around to posting on this not forgotten, but very neglected beer blog. So the good news: Rowan Blaise made his debut on May 9th, weighing in at a hefty 8lbs 5 oz, four days ahead of schedule. I thank the long walks, spicy Thai food and whole watermelon I ate 2 hours before I went into labor for speeding things along. He’s pretty perfect, super advanced in pooping, vomiting and tummy time. 

Before I went on maternity leave, I was telling people about all the things I was going to be doing: working out, blogging, catching up on sewing projects, yard work, oh, and take care of an infant. The house was going to be immaculate. My friends with little ones kept looking at me with a bemused expression that seemed to say, “Cute, bitch. Just you wait.” Well they were right, mostly. Although I haven’t been blogging these first 5 weeks, I’ve been making sure to get out and about and do somethings that I think are incredibly important for my little family.

So many people disappear when they have kids, and while I agree that my life has fundamentally changed, I live in a town that is so kid friendly there is no reason to stay cooped up inside for the rest of my life. The day we brought Rowan home from the hospital we swung by a friend’s 40th birthday BBQ. Although we only stopped by for 30 minutes with our 2 day old, my husband and I wanted to make sure that we’re exposing our little one to our lifestyle. We’re an active family and we want to have kids that understand how to behave in public, but also incorporate our kids in our interests. When he was 4 days old, we took him to his first beer outing. Recently a local beer hot spot, The Bier Stein opened up at new, much larger location. We stopped by for a quick beer, then headed home. By day 6, we took him to the Oregon Coast, to grab a beer and some grub at Rogue’s bay front restaurant. Since then we probably go to a local brewery or taphouse once or twice a week to meet with friends or just enjoy this early summer weather we’ve been blessed with. Beer is a big part of this family, so I feel like it is only appropriate that we share that love with our son. We are responsible, both with our son’s welfare, but also with other people’s experience. If he wakes up and decides it’s time to wail, we’re outta there. No one likes to hear a crybaby. What I have noticed in this short time of taking him out and about is that he already has more patience than the first few times we brought him out and he woke in a strange place. He might fuss a little if he’s hungry or has a dirty nappy, but once those are addressed, he’s pretty content to look around and give people dirty looks. There are plenty of nosey nellies that give my husband and I dirty looks right back. A friend with older kids pointed out that most likely they are from one of two camps: the folks without kids who just are irritated at the presence of a child who will possibly ruin their time by being a crybaby or they are parents who never had the balls to take their kids out and deal with all the potential meltdowns. And trust me, it takes balls those first few times. When your kid starts screaming and all heads whip to you. Those looks of judgement and disdain. The instant downpour of sweat as you scramble to grab all that stupid baby shit that is absolutely essential when you don’t have it, but you never use when you bring it, but  I think in the long run it is all worth it. When the inevitable terrible two’s bring toddler tantrums, we’ll be much better equipped to deal with them. At least, I hope so.

As summer springs in Oregon, there will be plenty more trips and outings with the little booger. And I’m going to say it again: during the second half of this maternity leave, I’m going to get so much done! Blogging, yard work, sewing, exercise! All of it! Until I get all that blogging done, take a look at this little charmer.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



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7 responses to “Oh, Baby!

  1. I LOVE this post. Also, I love all of the pictures you’ve been keeping secret, the ones NOT on Facebook. I now have an Instagram, a Facebook, and a Blog account..all the better to stalk you with my dear 😉

  2. Nice! Rowan sounds like a pretty cool little dude.

  3. Love it we also took Cash out when he was little, to the old Stein and a few other favorites. It’s not so bad until they start to walk. Glad you are having a blast and beautiful little one!

  4. Shawn

    Congratulations! He is a little charmer! If that’s a handmade TARDIS onesie, he has my cool vote … and our little guy has the exact same cloth diaper cover with the equations on it (I don’t have the matching tattoo, sadly).

    I loved reading this, and went through something similar when our son was born 10 weeks ago: the ambitious pre-leave planning, the unsuccessful attempts to resume blogging, and especially the desire to expose our newborn to our lifestyle as early and often as possible. He’s already been to two weddings, birthday parties, a dinner party and too many restaurants and beer gardens to count. He’s small for his age, and we used to get a lot of passive-aggressive comments from busybodies about how little he was or how brave we were for taking him out so early. But we decided early on that becoming parents was not going to mean the end of our beer-food-and-friend-filled life, just some changes to the way we live it and an awesome new person to share it with.

    I’m only a few weeks ahead of you, but it does continue to get easier. He’ll get more used to sleeping in strange places, and you’ll get better at escaping quickly when the meltdown comes. In a few years, I think we’ll all be glad of the choices we’re making now. Cheers.

  5. Awesome pictures! I think you’re bringing him up right. As far as kids making a fuss, as long as I’m not paying $100 a plate and wearing a tie, I say let’em fuss. I never looked down a parents with fussy kids, more often I was just relieved that it wasn’t one of mine making the fuss, LOL.

  6. Congrats, and I agree, you’re doing things right. It’s even beneficial for Rowan to be exposed to ambient noise at bars, beer gardens, etc. You really don’t want one of those kids who needs PERFECT QUIET to get to sleep!!!

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