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It’s that time of year again, folks. With anniversaries come beercations. This year, Brock and I head northeast to Hood River, OR. It’s a seriously beautiful town nestled between Mt Hood to the south and the Columbia River and Mt Adams to the North. It’s even more quaint than Bend and Bend is pretty effing quaint. Like Bend, Hood River is full of beautiful outdoorsy people who like to wind surf, kite surf and kayak on the Columbia and they also like to get down and drink some beer. I’m not much of a sportsman, but I do love beautiful people drinking beer. This weekend was really jam-packed and I could go on and on, so I’ll give some of the highlights.

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More from Eugene Beer Week

Beer week and work do not go together. Events start while work is still in, events include a lot of beer, and events run into the evening. Brock and I had to pick what events we wanted to attend and still be good little worker bees during the day.


Brock was starting to get a pretty nasty cold, so we sat Tuesday out.

The first bullet point was followed to the letter.

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Chocolate and Beer!

The Second Annual Eugene Beer Week is finally upon us! And with it has come some really great events. Of course, I would like to attend them all (I’m actually seriously considering taking the week off next year for that reason) but Brock and I have a trip planned next week, so we’re picking our events carefully. On Monday we started the week of right with a chocolate (provided by Theo) and beer pairing event at 16 Tons Union Cafe.

We sat in groups of six, Brock and I shared our table with a group of two couples. It was fun sitting beside them because they clearly didn’t know a lot about beer and were really excited about the tasting. I love sitting by people that are new to beer and getting to share their excitement about trying all these new things that they may have never thought they would like.

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