For the Love of Beer

There are a lot of reasons to love beer. It tastes great, it’ll get you drunk!, it brought about civilization as we know it. Wait, what? You heard me. Scientists (yup, science) believe that it was beer, rather than bread that convinced hunter/gatherers to settle down to farm grains, starting the whole she-bang. Beer is still important- it is a centerpiece of many rituals that bring communities together. Picnics, barbecues, football games are just a few of the events at which beer is guaranteed to bring folks together. For me, beer is pretty personal. I was raised around people who like to drink beer. A lot. When we moved over from Eastern Oregon to the Willamette Valley my dad started investing in microbrews. I can still remember the giddiness and great sense of importance I felt when I got to pour my dad’s after work beer in a nice frosty pint glass. It was a job not to be taken lightly. The perfect amount of head, you have to pour at just the right angle. Maybe some dads don’t let their kids pour them drinks, but in my house it was a position of honor. As I grew older I went through my Pabst Blue Ribbon phase, my vodka cranberry phase, but I always came back to a great pint of beer. My Dad became terminally ill and one of the last things he asked me is to always keep tasting new beers. That has stuck with me as I quest to find, drink, brew and love the best beers this world has to offer. I call this blog Megan vs. Beer, but it’s really about fighting a battle for beer, one mug at a time.


One response to “For the Love of Beer

  1. Thanks for visiting Clip Snark! I am interested in learning more about beer. But, I’m lazy so I’ll just follow your blog.

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