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Going Bananas with Deschutes

I recently had the pleasure of having two Deschutes brews that I’d never had before. The Stoic and Malheur Wild Ale. What was really great about these two beers is that they were a) outside of my comfort zone and b) they were bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S, bananas.

Brock and I picked up a 22oz bottle of The Stoic on a trip to Albertsons. They were having some 30 or 40% off deal for microbrews, so we grabbed this and a couple others. The Stoic and other wax sealed beer confectionary is not typical for our local Albertsons, so I was pretty excited. Continue reading



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The Marriage Ref- Homebrewer’s Edition

Marriage is hard (no shit). It takes a lot of compromise, follow through, team work and just letting go of the little stuff. Two weekends ago found Brock and I in a fairly impromptu brewing situation. We looked up a recipe on-line. We had seen a youtube video sometime back when we first started brewing that was a lemon ginger rye. With summer coming we thought that a ginger wheat would be really refreshing. The recipe we found was a ginger wheat pale ale. Now wheat beers are not usually this aggressively hopped, so it seemed like a fun challenge to lose the kit and buy the ingredients to follow an adventurous recipe. Continue reading


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If You Don’t Respond to This, You’ll Die Alone and Other Things I Learned from Chain Letters

I’ve been really busy lately. A bit of overtime and a recent job promotion (thank you, thank you) had me a bit behind on my reading and posting and other general blog related activities. I did however notice some traffic coming from The Dogs of Beer. As I sat down and started catching up on my reading, I realized I was tagged in a mutha truckin’ post! Clearly I am easily excited, but, I’m convinced that it also means rad beer lovers out there are loving my rad beer blog as much as I love theirs. This wasn’t just any post, mind you, it was a CHAIN LETTER POST. I think we all love/hate these. As bloggers we love pretending people give a shit about what we have to say, thus a questionnaire is right up the blogger’s alley. I think pretty much everyone hates getting those threats of lost love, the pressure to threaten others with threats of lost love, and having your email box fill up with posts from I Can Haz Cheezburger, or whatever the hell those cats are talking about. Continue reading


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