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The Marriage Ref- Homebrewer’s Edition

Marriage is hard (no shit). It takes a lot of compromise, follow through, team work and just letting go of the little stuff. Two weekends ago found Brock and I in a fairly impromptu brewing situation. We looked up a recipe on-line. We had seen a youtube video sometime back when we first started brewing that was a lemon ginger rye. With summer coming we thought that a ginger wheat would be really refreshing. The recipe we found was a ginger wheat pale ale. Now wheat beers are not usually this aggressively hopped, so it seemed like a fun challenge to lose the kit and buy the ingredients to follow an adventurous recipe. Continue reading



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You like me, you really like me

I began writing this blog (after a couple false starts) with lots of encouragement from my husband, a need to do something more creative with my time, and because as I age and drink more beer, it is becoming pretty damn personal. My inaugural post in December of 2011 was about my first attempt at home brewing with my trusty partner in crime and life, Brock. Granted that beer came out a little weird, but it was our weird little baby and we loved it anyway. We’ve continued to brew (much more successfully) and our love of beer and brewing continues to grow.  Continue reading


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A Friendly Exchange

I’m quite excited to say I’ve entered that level of beer geekness that can only be achieved by one’s first beer exchange. Through my blogging endeavors, I’ve met a fellow home brewer from Texas that really appreciates the beers of the Northwest. You can take look at his blog whatsinmybeer. Since I’m in Oregon and have access to all this lovely Northwest beer, I thought, “aw heck, I should send this guy some beer. Maybe I’ll get some in return!” Thus, a beer exchange was born. I am incredibly excited, especially because this package should be received by the recipient tomorrow. I really hope I did a good job and picked some beers that are not only appreciated for deliciousness, but also are a little taste of the NW from hoppy IPAs, delicious porters, to a sour Belgian. We’ll see.

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I sent 4 22 oz beers (including a homebrew porter) and 1 350mL offering from Russian River (you may remember my discussion of Damnation). The two beers I really wanted to get were Abyss from Deschutes and Pliny from Russian River. But everybody wants those beers and they just weren’t around from what I could find, I’ll have to start keeping a better stock.

If you were embarking on your first beer exchange endeavor, what would you pick as representative of your area/tastes? What would you hope to receive in return?


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Hey, Porter

To ring in the New Year, Brock and I brewed our second batch of beer. For you dedicated readers you may remember I held a poll for what beer I should brew next. Porter was the clear winner. Those who are local and voted for porter, let me know, and I’ll get you a bottle. For those of you who voted for “butt beer” it was a close second, maybe next time. We went for a little more of a sophisticated kit from, where else, The Home Fermenter Center! The owner puts together pretty nice kits. We selected the porter kit with some additional malts so we could ‘Black Butte-rize” our beer. German debittered roasted barley and roasted barley, to be exact. We also used liquid yeast this time, which was really fun. I’ll explain why later. Continue reading

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Bottle Service

This weekend was a pretty big deal. I survived another year, and if you’re nuts you may think that this year, 2012, will be the last for mankind. So I’ve vowed to make it a good one. On the last day of 2011, Brock and I bottled our first batch of home brew. Although I tasted our pre-bottled brew, it’s hard to say if it will be any good, but I’m feeling pretty good about it. It tasted like beer, at least, just un-carbonated and not at all balanced- but it’s only two weeks old. Let’s give it some time to mature and see what it has to say for itself.
The following is a photo story about Bottling Day: The Last Day of 2011.

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If 2012 promises to be our last year on Earth, at least it’s going to be filled with some good home brewed beer.


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A Big Day For New Beer

Monday was a bonus day. The day after Christmas and the husband and myself found ourselves with a rare Monday off together. That can mean but one thing: Beer Projects.

We cruised around town purchasing some sweet new items with cash received during Christmas (Thanks, Grandpa!). Assuming there would be some killer sales on turkey fryers, Brock and I headed to Cabela’s. There were not great deals, nor a powerful enough propane burner for what we were looking for. So I checked out and within moments our new Bayou Banjo Classic was on it’s way. This is going to make brewing so much faster! Continue reading


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Poll the Audience

As I go forward with my home brewing I’m curious what readers out there think I should brew as my second beer. So vote- it is your responsibility as Americans. If you vote for the winning beer and I know you, you get a free bottle!

The polls close right before midnight on Dec 31st, right in time for brew day two so get those votes in!


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