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Family Friendliness in the Beer Community

Hey fellas, it’s been awhile. Finding the time to drink, let alone blog about drinking, while you have a goofball under the age of 5 clinging to you is hard. Now that my mini-me is nearly 8 months old, I feel comfortable enough sitting in the spare room listening to the crashing, crying and squealing without jumping up to take care of everything myself. I know Rowan’s dad can handle him, and in fact he works a 4 day work week just so they can hang out together on Fridays, but when I’m around, I’m a total buzzkill. “Maybe the baby shouldn’t use a fork to hit a glass.” I’m finally getting over myself and don’t think I’m the only person who can properly care for my child, but mother does know best, and I’ll probably go “heat up my coffee” at least 3 times before I finish writing this post. Continue reading


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More from Eugene Beer Week

Beer week and work do not go together. Events start while work is still in, events include a lot of beer, and events run into the evening. Brock and I had to pick what events we wanted to attend and still be good little worker bees during the day.


Brock was starting to get a pretty nasty cold, so we sat Tuesday out.

The first bullet point was followed to the letter.

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Ink Heart- A Cascadian Dark Ale, or is that a Black IPA?

Laurelwood, a great microbrewery out of Portland, OR recently released a new Cascadian Dark Ale. If that throws you off, CDAs are also referred to as Black IPAs or IBA (India Black Ale). Here in the Pacific Northwest, CDA is becoming the most relevant, and argueably the better name for this type of beer. Here, in an article from craftbeer.com, Eugene’s own Matt Van Wyk, of Oakshire fame,  discusses the difference (or lack there of) in these beer types. I have to agree with Matt, I think CDA is a better definition for the beer type. It really doesn’t taste like an IPA, unless all you taste in an IPA is some hop bitterness. A CDA, in my mind, is some hoppy(har, har) balance between porter and IPA and is becoming an increasingly relevant style here in the Pacific NW (Cascadia), thus deserves it’s own name, rather than just being shoved in the corner as an off shoot of another beer style.

On to the good stuff- Ink Heart, the newest release from Laurelwood is a CDA that boasts a unique hop balance. A liberal use of aroma hops give off wafts of citrus and there are some sweet fruity notes as well. It poured a nice, robust dark brown with a little off white head. It drank smooth and the citrus hop notes were amplified by a nice level of carbonation. I thought this was a nice drinkable beer. It smelled great and tasted good too.

I really like Laurelwood's vibrant labels. Oh, and the beer is good too!

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