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Family Friendliness in the Beer Community

Hey fellas, it’s been awhile. Finding the time to drink, let alone blog about drinking, while you have a goofball under the age of 5 clinging to you is hard. Now that my mini-me is nearly 8 months old, I feel comfortable enough sitting in the spare room listening to the crashing, crying and squealing without jumping up to take care of everything myself. I know Rowan’s dad can handle him, and in fact he works a 4 day work week just so they can hang out together on Fridays, but when I’m around, I’m a total buzzkill. “Maybe the baby shouldn’t use a fork to hit a glass.” I’m finally getting over myself and don’t think I’m the only person who can properly care for my child, but mother does know best, and I’ll probably go “heat up my coffee” at least 3 times before I finish writing this post. Continue reading


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Chocolate and Beer!

The Second Annual Eugene Beer Week is finally upon us! And with it has come some really great events. Of course, I would like to attend them all (I’m actually seriously considering taking the week off next year for that reason) but Brock and I have a trip planned next week, so we’re picking our events carefully. On Monday we started the week of right with a chocolate (provided by Theo) and beer pairing event at 16 Tons Union Cafe.

We sat in groups of six, Brock and I shared our table with a group of two couples. It was fun sitting beside them because they clearly didn’t know a lot about beer and were really excited about the tasting. I love sitting by people that are new to beer and getting to share their excitement about trying all these new things that they may have never thought they would like.

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A Friendly Exchange

I’m quite excited to say I’ve entered that level of beer geekness that can only be achieved by one’s first beer exchange. Through my blogging endeavors, I’ve met a fellow home brewer from Texas that really appreciates the beers of the Northwest. You can take look at his blog whatsinmybeer. Since I’m in Oregon and have access to all this lovely Northwest beer, I thought, “aw heck, I should send this guy some beer. Maybe I’ll get some in return!” Thus, a beer exchange was born. I am incredibly excited, especially because this package should be received by the recipient tomorrow. I really hope I did a good job and picked some beers that are not only appreciated for deliciousness, but also are a little taste of the NW from hoppy IPAs, delicious porters, to a sour Belgian. We’ll see.

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I sent 4 22 oz beers (including a homebrew porter) and 1 350mL offering from Russian River (you may remember my discussion of Damnation). The two beers I really wanted to get were Abyss from Deschutes and Pliny from Russian River. But everybody wants those beers and they just weren’t around from what I could find, I’ll have to start keeping a better stock.

If you were embarking on your first beer exchange endeavor, what would you pick as representative of your area/tastes? What would you hope to receive in return?


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At Ninkasi, Beer is Love

I’ve been a big fan of Ninkasi since the get go. From the first time I tasted Total Domination IPA and thought, “yup, that’s a beer for me”, to the first time I bought a keg for Brock’s 24th birthday party, to the first time I visited the tasting room, I’ve grown a little more in love with Ninkasi, their beer, and what they’re all about. That being said, I am a little embarrassed to say that I just took my first brewery tour about a week ago. Continue reading


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A Big Day For New Beer

Monday was a bonus day. The day after Christmas and the husband and myself found ourselves with a rare Monday off together. That can mean but one thing: Beer Projects.

We cruised around town purchasing some sweet new items with cash received during Christmas (Thanks, Grandpa!). Assuming there would be some killer sales on turkey fryers, Brock and I headed to Cabela’s. There were not great deals, nor a powerful enough propane burner for what we were looking for. So I checked out Amazon.com and within moments our new Bayou Banjo Classic was on it’s way. This is going to make brewing so much faster! Continue reading


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