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Creepiest Beer EVER!

I received a beer trade recently from a great blogger pal from DC, Lyrics, Libations and Life. Now, normally, I’m on top of my shit and get things out in the mail when I say I will. I’m not going to make excuses about how terribly important I am (but I am, trust me) but am going to take a moment to publicly apologize (for, like, the millionth time in my life) and say I’m an asshole. But my end of the bargain is currently on it’s way and filled with Oregon (and one Washington) goodness. I am also going to stop using parentheses…right…now.

My husband is away on National Guard business, or as I like to call it, much to his chagrin, Army Sleep Away Camp. It’s very rude and disrespectful of me, but I’m very proud of him and I find it funny. So, once again, asshole. Well, again, giving way to my asshole nature, I promised not to open any of the beer trade beers until he was back, but he ate the last ice cream cone, so I said “Screw you, I’m drinking this beer!”

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St Patty’s Festivities

St Patty’s has always held a special place in my heart. Not because I’m a good Irish gal, but because it is two days before my birthday. It makes me feel like the whole holiday of drunken foolishness is just for me. Typically the party continues on for two more days into my birthday. As I find myself growing into a grouchy old woman, however, I’ve been trying to pretend my birthday doesn’t exist. My mom is a totally awesome lady, however, and forced me to go get lunch on St Patty’s to celebrate my birthday. We went down to Falling Sky, the newest brewery in town (check out the photos of this place, it’s seriously beautiful and quintessentially “Eugene”). They had some issues with brewing equipment and finally had their own beer on tap and they have some seriously good eats. I had a delicious corned beef and sauerkraut sandwich and we got a flight of all seven of their beers to split. I forgot my phone at home so I don’t have pics, sorry. My favorite was a tie between the bitter and the IPA. Tasty stuff. Continue reading

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Texas Doesn’t Mess Around

As promised, I’m finally getting to some of the good stuff. Over the last week, I’ve had a lot of reason to drink beer, celebrate, all that good stuff. Having a beer trade shipment, St. Patty’s and your birthday all roll into town the same week(ish) are a recipe for a lot of beer drinkin’ and not a lot of writing. So I’m going to jam together some notes on a lot of beer in a couple posts. Hold on to your hats.

Firstly, I received my lovely care package from the Lone Star State sometime last week. Monday, possibly Tuesday? Again, it’s been a long week. That night my husband and I decided to crack open the two bottles of Rahr & Sons Iron Thistle.

A delicious wee heavy from Rahr & Sons poured into my new Franconia glass that I got as a bonus from a beer trade!

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At Ninkasi, Beer is Love

I’ve been a big fan of Ninkasi since the get go. From the first time I tasted Total Domination IPA and thought, “yup, that’s a beer for me”, to the first time I bought a keg for Brock’s 24th birthday party, to the first time I visited the tasting room, I’ve grown a little more in love with Ninkasi, their beer, and what they’re all about. That being said, I am a little embarrassed to say that I just took my first brewery tour about a week ago. Continue reading


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Uinta Hopnotch- A Brew Review

I recently had the pleasure of drinking a couple frosty glasses of Uinta (pronounced you-IN-tah) Hopnotch IPA. Now, this is my kind of beer. I was originally introduced to Uinta Brewery on a trip to 16 Tons (sixteentons.biz) for a growler fill. We decided to go with Uinta Brewery’s Dubhe (pronounced “doobie”, such fun/difficult to pronounce names!) which is an Imperial Black IPA named after Utah’s Centennial Star. It was a pretty tasty, complex IPA so when I saw the six pack of Hopnotch at Fred Meyer, I had to go for it.

Uinta Brewery got their start in salt Lake City in 1993. You can read all about it on their website. They have a brew pub and pretty impressive line of brews now. If I ever find myself in SLC, you can bet I’ll make a stop.

After a long day a puppy needs a strong beer

Now on to the good stuff: Hopnotch IPA has a really pleasant, fresh IPA hoppy aroma. It’s pretty alcoholic at 7.3% ABV, but is really smooth and balanced so that alcohol flavor doesn’t smack you in the face, but rather sneaks up like a warm, snuggly bear hug. The flavor is reminiscent of one of my all time favor beers, Ninkasi Maiden the Shade. It’s just a really nice, bold IPA with a crisp, slightly piney finish. This is a beer (and brewery) that I look forward to sampling again.

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A Big Day For New Beer

Monday was a bonus day. The day after Christmas and the husband and myself found ourselves with a rare Monday off together. That can mean but one thing: Beer Projects.

We cruised around town purchasing some sweet new items with cash received during Christmas (Thanks, Grandpa!). Assuming there would be some killer sales on turkey fryers, Brock and I headed to Cabela’s. There were not great deals, nor a powerful enough propane burner for what we were looking for. So I checked out Amazon.com and within moments our new Bayou Banjo Classic was on it’s way. This is going to make brewing so much faster! Continue reading


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