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Hey, Porter

To ring in the New Year, Brock and I brewed our second batch of beer. For you dedicated readers you may remember I held a poll for what beer I should brew next. Porter was the clear winner. Those who are local and voted for porter, let me know, and I’ll get you a bottle. For those of you who voted for “butt beer” it was a close second, maybe next time. We went for a little more of a sophisticated kit from, where else, The Home Fermenter Center! The owner puts together pretty nice kits. We selected the porter kit with some additional malts so we could ‘Black Butte-rize” our beer. German debittered roasted barley and roasted barley, to be exact. We also used liquid yeast this time, which was really fun. I’ll explain why later. Continue reading


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Megan Can Brew

I’ve been wanting to brew beer for a long time. And now that the time is here, there are a couple things I wasn’t expecting: It wasn’t as hard as I thought, nor did Iever think I could lie on the floor and stare at a bucket as beer ferments inside, getting all giddy with excitement every time the airlock bubbles.

It all started out with a trip to Eugene’s own Home Fermenter Center http://homefermenter.com/. This is clearly a mom and pop shop and, boy, are they helpful, insightful and soothing to a budding brewer. Beer takes a long time to get a finished product and ruining your first batch would be so depressing. Jim at the Fermenter Center gave great tips and gentle encouragement. We bought our kit and brew pot which comes with all you need to start brewing right away except the actual bottles.

This is a lot of good junk for not too much cash ($125 at the Home Fermenter Center).

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