And We’ll Never Be Thirsty Again

Growlers are great. Living in a beercentric part of the world, it’s also (usually) a bargain to buy your beer in bulk. Most growlers are glass and although fairly burly, glass is prone to breaking when dropped. Growlers also have a tendency to go flat after about 24ish hours. This lead me on a journey to find an advanced growler for my husband’s birthday. My journey took me to the  Hydro Flask. The growler sized flask price may seem a bit steep, but keep the following in mind: your beer stays cold! For a long time! Some testimonials on Amazon claimed upwards of 2 days of ice staying solid, I’m not going to let a growler of beer sit around that long though, so I cant speak to that, but a few hours in the sun? You betcha. The beer stays nice and carbonated too. You’re not going to have flat beer after pouring a pint and closing the Hydro Flask back up. Finally, this bad boy is stainless steel and nearly indestructible. It’s going to last (hopefully) the rest of your life.

We received the growler a solid month before Brock’s birthday, but I couldn’t wait. We immediately took it down to a local brewery and filled ‘er up (then drank it up). Later that weekend, the hubz and I took a brief little 20 mile bike around town and filled up the growler at a local bistro. Just watch out some boogers aren’t very good at filling growlers. Because this guy isn’t transparent, make sure to hang out and let it settle. It could be the difference between an honest growler and a grumpy customer. We biked down to the river and enjoyed some fresh delicious pints on a nice sunny day.

So far, the Hydro Flask has proved to be a great buy. I’m really happy I didn’t cheap out and go with a similar, but cheaper and lower quality product. This fella is worth it.


I think he looks like a Ralph



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It’s that time of year again, folks. With anniversaries come beercations. This year, Brock and I head northeast to Hood River, OR. It’s a seriously beautiful town nestled between Mt Hood to the south and the Columbia River and Mt Adams to the North. It’s even more quaint than Bend and Bend is pretty effing quaint. Like Bend, Hood River is full of beautiful outdoorsy people who like to wind surf, kite surf and kayak on the Columbia and they also like to get down and drink some beer. I’m not much of a sportsman, but I do love beautiful people drinking beer. This weekend was really jam-packed and I could go on and on, so I’ll give some of the highlights.

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More from Eugene Beer Week

Beer week and work do not go together. Events start while work is still in, events include a lot of beer, and events run into the evening. Brock and I had to pick what events we wanted to attend and still be good little worker bees during the day.


Brock was starting to get a pretty nasty cold, so we sat Tuesday out.

The first bullet point was followed to the letter.

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Chocolate and Beer!

The Second Annual Eugene Beer Week is finally upon us! And with it has come some really great events. Of course, I would like to attend them all (I’m actually seriously considering taking the week off next year for that reason) but Brock and I have a trip planned next week, so we’re picking our events carefully. On Monday we started the week of right with a chocolate (provided by Theo) and beer pairing event at 16 Tons Union Cafe.

We sat in groups of six, Brock and I shared our table with a group of two couples. It was fun sitting beside them because they clearly didn’t know a lot about beer and were really excited about the tasting. I love sitting by people that are new to beer and getting to share their excitement about trying all these new things that they may have never thought they would like.

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Going Bananas with Deschutes

I recently had the pleasure of having two Deschutes brews that I’d never had before. The Stoic and Malheur Wild Ale. What was really great about these two beers is that they were a) outside of my comfort zone and b) they were bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S, bananas.

Brock and I picked up a 22oz bottle of The Stoic on a trip to Albertsons. They were having some 30 or 40% off deal for microbrews, so we grabbed this and a couple others. The Stoic and other wax sealed beer confectionary is not typical for our local Albertsons, so I was pretty excited. Continue reading


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The Marriage Ref- Homebrewer’s Edition

Marriage is hard (no shit). It takes a lot of compromise, follow through, team work and just letting go of the little stuff. Two weekends ago found Brock and I in a fairly impromptu brewing situation. We looked up a recipe on-line. We had seen a youtube video sometime back when we first started brewing that was a lemon ginger rye. With summer coming we thought that a ginger wheat would be really refreshing. The recipe we found was a ginger wheat pale ale. Now wheat beers are not usually this aggressively hopped, so it seemed like a fun challenge to lose the kit and buy the ingredients to follow an adventurous recipe. Continue reading


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If You Don’t Respond to This, You’ll Die Alone and Other Things I Learned from Chain Letters

I’ve been really busy lately. A bit of overtime and a recent job promotion (thank you, thank you) had me a bit behind on my reading and posting and other general blog related activities. I did however notice some traffic coming from The Dogs of Beer. As I sat down and started catching up on my reading, I realized I was tagged in a mutha truckin’ post! Clearly I am easily excited, but, I’m convinced that it also means rad beer lovers out there are loving my rad beer blog as much as I love theirs. This wasn’t just any post, mind you, it was a CHAIN LETTER POST. I think we all love/hate these. As bloggers we love pretending people give a shit about what we have to say, thus a questionnaire is right up the blogger’s alley. I think pretty much everyone hates getting those threats of lost love, the pressure to threaten others with threats of lost love, and having your email box fill up with posts from I Can Haz Cheezburger, or whatever the hell those cats are talking about. Continue reading


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