I ran by one of my fave bottle shops in town, 16 Tons to pick up some beers for some beer trades and because it’s been a rough couple weeks (not that I need an excuse to drink beer) and wanted something a little special for myself. I wanted something light and refreshing because its been ball sweat hot lately and something I’ve never had before. Enter Victory Brewing and Summer Love.

This what just what the doctor ordered. Lately summer has sprung in Eugene as it usually does every year right around July 4th. And, ok, so it’s only been in the high 80s but that’s hot for us PNWers and it’s humid here. Because this kind of weather is really only around 2 months of the year air conditioning is rare and my house is no exception to the rule. When you know you’re coming home to a 80 indoor temperature a nice crisp beer screams ones name.

Summer Love had a nice malty aroma with a little biscuity malt smells in there. It poured a bright golden-yellow with some quickly dissipating head and a lot of bubbles rising to the top. It tasted about how it smelled. There was a real nice hop bitterness that I didn’t really expect and ended with a little sweetness and the lightest citrus pop. The finish was pretty dry with a medium body. Overall, this is a really great summer beer. Just like the label suggests, I could really go for a couple pints at the ballpark of Summer Love.

Uncomplicated, bright and dry, just like summer



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3 responses to “VICTORIOUS

  1. OK, so I’m still recovering from you saying “ball sweat hot”, but you people are crazy for not having AC. The Haybag is from SC (and I lived there), so we can hack some heat and humidity. When we lived in Seattle, we could not understand why there was no AC in our apartment (or anyone else’s place for that matter). I think it’s a cost-cutting conspiracy perpetuated by builders and landlords. I bet if you check the builders’ and landlords’ houses, they have AC. In fact, I distinctly remember our management office had a through-the-window unit. Two months is significant! You people crazy!

  2. G-LO

    Totally agree! This is an infinitely drinkable and refreshing beer. It was introduced for the 2011 Philly Beer Week, but at the time, I didn’t really appreciate it. Had it again back in May and loved it! Great stuff.


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