And We’ll Never Be Thirsty Again

Growlers are great. Living in a beercentric part of the world, it’s also (usually) a bargain to buy your beer in bulk. Most growlers are glass and although fairly burly, glass is prone to breaking when dropped. Growlers also have a tendency to go flat after about 24ish hours. This lead me on a journey to find an advanced growler for my husband’s birthday. My journey took me to the  Hydro Flask. The growler sized flask price may seem a bit steep, but keep the following in mind: your beer stays cold! For a long time! Some testimonials on Amazon claimed upwards of 2 days of ice staying solid, I’m not going to let a growler of beer sit around that long though, so I cant speak to that, but a few hours in the sun? You betcha. The beer stays nice and carbonated too. You’re not going to have flat beer after pouring a pint and closing the Hydro Flask back up. Finally, this bad boy is stainless steel and nearly indestructible. It’s going to last (hopefully) the rest of your life.

We received the growler a solid month before Brock’s birthday, but I couldn’t wait. We immediately took it down to a local brewery and filled ‘er up (then drank it up). Later that weekend, the hubz and I took a brief little 20 mile bike around town and filled up the growler at a local bistro. Just watch out some boogers aren’t very good at filling growlers. Because this guy isn’t transparent, make sure to hang out and let it settle. It could be the difference between an honest growler and a grumpy customer. We biked down to the river and enjoyed some fresh delicious pints on a nice sunny day.

So far, the Hydro Flask has proved to be a great buy. I’m really happy I didn’t cheap out and go with a similar, but cheaper and lower quality product. This fella is worth it.


I think he looks like a Ralph



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11 responses to “And We’ll Never Be Thirsty Again

  1. That thing looks like it could survive a direct hit from a bunker busting missile. And I bet it’s even poddy-trained, unlike ours:

  2. That looks way better than that Krafty Karton thing I wrote about. I agree the price is a little steep but hell, I have probably 7 or 8 glass growlers from different places sitting around doing nothing. How much $$ do I have tied up in those things?

    My only fear would be running into places who wouldn’t want to fill it for some stupid reason (outside container, can see into it, whatever). I have very limited experience with taking beer from somewhere other than the normal, “I’ll buy your beer in your growler” scenario. So I’d be interested after you’ve had it for awhile to hear how accepted it’s been.

    • Aside from an argument with a waiter who didn’t know what he’s talking about, I’ve had zero problems filling my growler. There are a few places that just don’t do growler fills but other than that it’s really common for beer venues to have pint and growler price lists for all their beers in my neck of the woods.
      The next project for this guy is creating a hydro flask bike cage for it. I’ve got some ideas but I think it might be harder than I think it will be.

      • Ah see, around me the only ones who do growlers are brewpubs. We’re not allow to “repackage” beer. Sounds like the yahoos around me need to get up with the time!

      • That’s a bummer. Typically any brewpub in the area doesn’t care what you bring in, they’ll fill it. I’ve definitely seen some beer filled milk jugs leaving some finer establishments.

  3. Hi Megan-
    Thanks for checking out our growler. We’re glad to hear you love it as much as we do! I wanted to point out too, that our growler (like all our products) comes with a lifetime warranty – so it really will last you for life!
    Marketing Manager
    Hydro Flask

  4. I LOVE my Bonfire Brewing Hydro Flask. When I got it, it was the first time I had seen one, now tons of breweries in CO are offering them in both sizes.

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