St Patty’s Festivities

St Patty’s has always held a special place in my heart. Not because I’m a good Irish gal, but because it is two days before my birthday. It makes me feel like the whole holiday of drunken foolishness is just for me. Typically the party continues on for two more days into my birthday. As I find myself growing into a grouchy old woman, however, I’ve been trying to pretend my birthday doesn’t exist. My mom is a totally awesome lady, however, and forced me to go get lunch on St Patty’s to celebrate my birthday. We went down to Falling Sky, the newest brewery in town (check out the photos of this place, it’s seriously beautiful and quintessentially “Eugene”). They had some issues with brewing equipment and finally had their own beer on tap and they have some seriously good eats. I had a delicious corned beef and sauerkraut sandwich and we got a flight of all seven of their beers to split. I forgot my phone at home so I don’t have pics, sorry. My favorite was a tie between the bitter and the IPA. Tasty stuff.

Nextly, Brock and I decided to continue the St. Patty’s/birthday festivities with a trip to the bottle shop. We stopped at 16 Tons, but just didn’t find what would scratch our itch. Off to Market of Choice. Although a grocery store, it is easily one of the best places to look for beer in the area as well. I love Market of Choice. It’s a whole shopping experience. For those not from the area, it’s probably most easily compared to a Whole Foods, except it’s locally owned and way more amazing. I just adore this place. After much consideration, Brock and I settled on Moylan’s Moylander Double IPA and Dogfish Head Namaste. Oh, we also made an impulse grab of some white cheddar Kerry Gold cheese that was aged in whiskey barrels. It was like buttah.

Now the Moylan’s was delish. It poured a nice rich amber, had a nice full hop aroma, and paired really well with the Kerry Gold. Like a double IPA it was sweet and strong, but the bitterness of the hops mellowed that right out. It was a really lovely beer and the 22oz size makes it perfect for sharing.

A really great example of a double IPA that is both delicious and drinkable.

I forgot (again, what’s wrong with me?!) to take a picture of the Namaste, a wit from Dogfish Head, so please enjoy this stock photo.

A really tasty, well balanced wit, from Dogfish Head. I think that the label is pretty rad too.

Before I write about how good I think this beer was, I have something to say. Dogfish Head has been a brewery that really been irritating me for about the past year. Do you really need to have your fingers in the pot of everything? Your own show on Discovery that showcases you finding weird shit to put in beer? Do you really need to release every weird beer that you put weird shit into on a commercial level? For more on this subject, check this out. Having never had any Dogfish Head brews to back up my irritation, I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and lost (and won). Namaste is an unfiltered wit brewed with lemongrass. It was full of fruity and spicy notes from the orange and coriander. The carbonation and lemongrass brightened it up and made for a really refreshing beer. The yeasty breadiness you would expect and want from a wheat beer was there. All and all, a really good beer. Did that do away with how obnoxious I find this brewery? Not really. Do you really need your own hip hop group called The Pain Relievaz? Absolutely not. No one does. But then again, this guy did create Randall the Enamel Animal. We all need some dreamers out there coming up with the next great things in all creative arenas. You just don’t have to mass produce them, fellas.

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One response to “St Patty’s Festivities

  1. whatsinmybeer

    Hoppy birthday beerlatedly of course . I hope it was full hoppyness and beeryness . Never forget your birthday its a great way to get more beer.
    I understand your feelings about Dogfish Head he just seems to want be there in beginning middle and end of everything beer.
    I gotta say though being in the middle east coast west coast beer battle I have tried both. I am biased to west coast but Dogfish Head 120, 90, 60 minute IPAs are great. All the rest is clutter but gems nonetheless.
    By the way check out the episode where they made a beer by chewing corn and spotting it into the mash. Yikes!!!!

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