10 Questions for Female Beer Drinkers

I found this list of 10 questions for female beer drinkers at beerutopia http://beerutopia.com/2011/12/22/10-questions-for-female-beer-drinkers/ and thought it would be a good way to introduce myself as a female beer drinking enthusiast and burgeoning home brewer.

1. Why do you drink beer?
I was raised in a family that put a lot of stock in things that are handcrafted and cared about. Homemade means thought, time and effort have been put into something. My family, especially my dad, looked at beer the same way. There are mass produced domestic beers, but then there are the beers that are crafted for people who like beer by people who LOVE beer. I believe that when someone really loves what they’re making, it is something special and it should be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

2. Why do you like beer?
I like beer for so many reasons. I’m a big fan of cultural traditions and ritual and I think beer is one of the best and longest standing cultural icons. I love going to the pub to gather with the other pub goers to enjoy a pint or two or cracking open a couple while watching a ball game, Most importantly though, I like beer because of the vast flavor differences that can be found across a single type of beer. Tasting something new and exciting in a beer sparks my own creativity and interest in what was going on when the brewer made a specific beer.

3. What kinds of beers do you like?
I would have to say that my favorite type of beer of all time is probably a nice IPA. Nothing says hot summer day like a crisp, citrusy IPA. I also like IPAs because there is a lot of range to be found from a lot of hop bitterness to clean crisp citrus and pine notes. I think my favorite IPA would have to be Ninkasi’s Maiden the Shade. This is a seasonal late summer release that I look forward to eagerly each year. Ninkasi is well known for their liberal use of hops and making some great ales locally in Eugene, OR. If you haven’t had some of their beer and you’re in the Pacific northwest, do yourself a big ole favor and have one.

One of my all-time favorites from Ninkasi

4. What would compel you to try a beer you haven’t tried before?
It doesn’t take much to compel me to try a new beer. A lot of my recreational activities are me figuring out ways to try new beers. A couple things that would pop a beer to the top of my must drink list would be a new brewery opening up. I love trying new beers in the place they were lovingly crafted. A trusted fellow beer drinking friend or bartenders advice is always taken to heart as well.

5. What do you want from your beer?
Of course, I want great taste. Other things that mean a lot to me are tasting beers that are local to the area I’m in. If I am on a trip to New York I want to taste the beer that people who live there love. I also really love to hear about the ingredients. Local, organic, fair trade are all great words. Beer that is made from ingredients that are lovingly produced make an even better beer. I also want beer that celebrates its community. Regionally, two great breweries that do this are Ninkasi and Rogue Ales. Rogue even has their own “nano brewery” that produces it’s own barley and hops. So cool!

6. Conversely, what don’t you want from your beer?
I don’t want mass produced loveless beer. We’ve all been through our Pabst and Budweiser phases, but that to me is not what drinking beer is about. That’s what getting drunk for cheap is about. I don’t want boring beer. I would rather taste some weird beer that doesn’t quite hit the spot but is adventurous and uses bold ingredients than taste the trepidation.

7. What kind of beer education or social beer opportunities would you like to take advantage of?
I would like to continue to learn from experienced home brewers to make my home brew the best it can be. I would like to continue to attend beer festivals and talk to the people that are responsible for making the beer. I would love to start a beer club with friends or find one to join in my area to meet like-minded beerthusiasts.

8. How do you want the beer companies to address/acknowledge you as a female beer drinker?
– If beer companies could just understand women are beer drinkers because we love beer that would be great. I don’t want the name of your beer to include the number of calories in your beer, I don’t care. I don’t want to argue over “great taste, less filling!” If you insist on singling me out because of my gender you better be smart and funny about it.

9. What kind of atmosphere do you prefer when you drink beer?
Drinking at the brewery, when possible, is the best place to drink any beer. If your bartender knows about the brewing process, the type of beer, etc even better! Learning about a beer while you drink it is the best experience ever. Second to that kicking back at your favorite local pub, usually on a weekday (or sunny day, even better) is great. Being comfortable, knowing the people you’re with and being able to have great conversations and great food with your beer is a great way to bond and make some great memories.

Enjoying a pint down at the Oaksire Tasting Room in Eugene, OR

10. What do you think about present beer marketing and advertising as it relates to you as a woman?
It stinks. If the big domestic beer companies would stop sexualizing and diminishing women to sell beer I’d be a happy camper. Sure, beer is a male dominated field, but medicine, banking, etc all used to be male dominated too. Societal ideas about women’s roles in all fields are changing but beer seems to be one of the last hold outs of “boys club” ideals. I don’t drink beer because of my gender, so I don’t need it advertised to me as if I do.

10. Does size matter for your beer?
Nah- I prefer a pint or better yet a taster flight when I’m at a new restaurant or brewery because I want to get as many samples in as possible then maybe settle down with a pint of my favorite.

What do you think? Answer these or some of the questions. I’d love to read your thoughts.



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2 responses to “10 Questions for Female Beer Drinkers

  1. Maiden The Shade is the best! I love your responses. Your dad would be so proud, it’s too bad you can’t have him by your side on your beer-journeys. Out of all the niche markets trying to make a buck off of localism, artistry, environmentalism, community involvement, anti-class warfare, etc., you’re dead on in alluding that craft breweries are the most compelling and genuine. What are some of the next beers you’d like to try your hand a brewing?

    • Because I love IPAs so much I am really timid and afraid of making this beer. Maybe a nice Pale Ale or Porter will be the next move. Who knows? There are so many hopprotunities out there. (See what I did there?)

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